NOW ONLINE – Videos produced by the Center for California Homeowner Association Law! 

CCHAL is launching its Video Gallery with Evan McKenzie’s keynote address from the CCHAL homeowner conference, “Democracy Begins at Home.” The video is free to Contributing Members. [Not registered yet? Just go to to make your tax-deductible donation.!]

Also in the Video Gallery is the link to the Channel 2 television story on association debt collectors. This is free to Online Members and to members of the public. [Don’t even have to register for this one.] Here’s the link:

Thinking of getting some legal help with your small claims suit? Or – if you’re a board member – thinking of getting legal counsel for your association that is more affordable than what you’ve got now?

Then consider hiring an attorney using Limited Scope Representation, that is: for a specific set of tasks. Learn more about this by going to the Practising Law Institute. Judge Sue Talia explains everything you wanted to know about Limited Scope at this link: This video is also free to the public, though you do have to register with PLI to watch it.

More about Evan’s video….

Evan is professor of political science at the University of Illinois/Chicago.

Evan’s keynote address set the framework – and the tone -- for the “Democracy Begins at Home” conference.  His speech is also wonderful background for anyone -- lawmaker, policy analyst, journalist, potential buyer/current owner of a CID unit – whose goal is to get oriented to the subject of CIDs. 

You will want to read his analysis of how the courts -- historically -- have judged CID cases that come before them.

The speech is broken into four 15-minute segments.  Topics for each segment are posted alongside each of the four clips, so you can move around to the topics that interest you.   Evan's PowerPoint slides are integrated into the edited version of the speech.   Take a look and let us know what you think.

Do circulate word of these videos to your other chat groups.

The Center obtained a grant to enable us to edit and to post videos online. Let us know what you think about doing more video projects like this for the website.

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